Still On The Fence With Robot Mowers?

Like a lot of new technology, it can take a long time for things to catch on. If you were online in the late 90s, you’ll remember odd emails from places like Bebo and the then unknown Facebook landing in your inbox enticing you to join quoting someone you know and their latest social network updates. Of course, back then, no-one new what social networks were, so most of those emails were assumed to be spam.

Naturally, we all now realise Facebook reigned supreme with world domination while Bebo went the way of MySpace and Friends Reunited.

The same happens time and time again with real world technology too – remember Beta Max videos? Those top loader classics were loved by thousands of homes, yet ultimately fell victim to the VHS format which was actually inferior in many ways. The difference was in the marketing rather than the technology, and that’s something that holds true today.

It seems a little odd we admit to compare Facebook to a robot mower, but perhaps that’s another trend that will soon be following a similar trajectory. With prices of automatic mowers falling fast, they’re now affordable to most households, and take away the time suck of mowing the lawn every week through the summer months. That’s going to be music to the ears of many people – who can spend their time instead on things like… well… Facebook!

We’re all time short, and many people cash rich, so it makes a lot of sense to invest in a robot mower. In a sense it’s a way of buying more time – literally. Rather than spending an hour mowing at the weekend you can spend a few hundred pounds on a new mower and get an hour or two of your life back every week over the warmer half of the year. That’s a potential time saving of 50+ hours – the equivalent of two days saved marching up and down the lawn. Granted, mowing is good exercise, but so is playing footy with the kids or taking a walk with your significant other. Compared to mowing a lawn, I know which I’d choose.

You can learn lots more about these brilliant new mowers at

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Landscaping Design Enhances Use And Value Of Home

There is more to planning your outdoor environment than planting some grass seed and maybe a few annuals and hoping everything grows as planned. With a little consideration to color and style, planning for landscaping design can have a profound affect on the appearance of your yard. If done right, it can also affect the value of the property and enhance the type of activities enjoyed while in the yard.

Those with an eye for landscaping design may be able to establish an outdoor area that invites being used while those without that knack may want to consider asking for help from someone with more experience in landscaping design. There are many commercial companies in nearly every community to offer these services as well as computer software to help you plan what the outdoor living space will look like at the conclusion of your project.

The thing to remember about landscaping design is that although the job is completed, it is never really finished. All areas involved in your outdoor areas will require maintenance and unless you hire a professional company, you should be prepared to get your hands dirty on occasion. Landscaping on your own can be back-breaking work, especially if the initial project requires a lot of digging, but maintaining the appearance can be easier if done regularly.

Do Not Let Wild Growths Take Over Your Yard

One issue with many landscaping design projects is that once they are done, you may tend to forget about the weeding that will be necessary. Even when weed blocking fabric is used, stray seeds and pollen from surrounding areas can blow in from mile away and take root in your new flower beds. If you do not eliminate these new grows as soon as their spotted, your landscaping design may quickly resembled an eclectic collection of unrelated plant life.

You should also consider future safety and security in your landscaping design, understanding that bushes and trees will grow and if planted near a ground-level window can offer a hiding place for ne’er-do-wells if these plants are not pruned back regularly. Some exterior lighting should also be considered to prevent blinds spots around the home, if the neighborhood in which the home is located can turn dangerous after dark.

While appearance is an important part of planning your landscaping design, the safety and security of your family and home should be more important. If you have any doubt about how the finished project will affect the home, do not hesitate to seek advice before you start as opposed to accepting the criticism once it is done.

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